tourist, inkjet on paper, size varies
visiting the zari, inkjet on paper, size varies
chicken ali khaan, inkjet on paper, size varies
disappearing, inkjet on paper, size varies
suitcase, inkjet on paper, size varies
Disappearing is a series of digital prints integrating my work as visual artist with my equally long-standing involvement with performance. These prints are generated from layers of staged photographic self-portraits together with found photos, web-based images, ceremonial fabrics, rugs, postcards, and paint that are then recomposed digitally to create particular scenes.
A performative figure of otherness travels through real and imaginary spaces filled with tradition, history, memory and humor. The post-cold war nuclear Iran is one recurring backdrop. This performative character is placed in uncanny relationships with different spaces such as cultural facades or religious interiors of Iran, a hyper-real estranged homeland from long ago visited in media driven dream states. The main character is the otherness that moves through these hybrid places.